I engaged Jenaline back in 2014 over a six month period for coaching.  I had decided to return to work after being off for 10 years raising my children. I am starting my own business and Jenaline was invaluable in helping me to focus on this goal. Jenaline helped me to identify my values and clarify my vision for my business.  She helped me develop realistic, attainable action steps and also helped me to be accountable for my decisions.  Jenaline also addressed my concerns and worries about my business by focusing on what I did want and accessing my talents and gifts that I already possess. Jenaline has a warm and inviting approach which made me feel comfortable and confident in my decisions. I would highly recommend Jenaline as a coach to help you move forward in realizing your overall dreams and desires.

Marian Flannery

former Occupational Therapist (Toronto, Canada)

It is not often that one finds a coach, engaging in person and generous in spirit, with strong corporate and life experience. Jenaline not only embodies these beautiful qualities, she uses her strengths to great effectiveness during her coaching journey with you. With her support, I was able to navigate successfully some important changes in my life and career and emerge from the coaching with greater self-awareness and practical strategies for the future. I would recommend Jenaline to anyone looking for a coach to be their trusted partner in a journey of change.

Siew Devaux

Client Director (Singapore)

Jenaline has enabled me to confront personal and professional situations with confidence. Each and every session with her is both uplifting and enlightening as I learn more about how to approach my goals. I have definitely grown as an individual and have developed many tools and thought processes that help me overcome challenges and to take the steps towards achieving my dreams.


Trader (Singapore)

I have the privilege of working with a coach to develop my leadership skill, though I started the programme not knowing the difference between mentoring and coaching. Jenaline, my coach is very approachable and acceded to my request for her to share some of her rich work experience when I feel “stuck”. I enjoyed the 8 sessions we had as I was able to “sound off” some of my strategies and gain new perspectives.


Head of Senior Services (Singapore)