If you consider yourself as an emerging leader and are serious about your learning and development, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom from Jim Collins.

  1. Build a Personal Board of Directors –those are selected not for their accomplishments but for their character.
    (learn from great leaders and be inspired)
  2. Turn Off Your Electronic Gadget – effective people take time to THINK. Begin the discipline by putting white space in your calender. Engage in the glorious pocket of quietude.
    (spend time to think and reflect)
  3. Work on Your Three Intersecting Circles – what Collins calls the “Hedgehog Concept”: (1) what you can be passionate about; (2) what you can be the best in the world at; (3) what drives your economic or resource engine.
    (disassociated view of yourself, talents and passions and get inputs from those who love you)
  4. What is your questions-to-statements ratio and can you double it? Ask more questions and make fewer statements when you communicate or give feedback.
    (from being interesting to becoming interested)
  5. Start a “stop-doing” list, beyond the normal to-do list. Collins frames it like this: If you wake up tomorrow morning and discover you inherited $20 million and you have a terminal disease with 10 years to live, what would be on your stop-doing list?
    (The real task is to be clear what not to do)
  6. Unplug the opportunities that distract you. Just because it is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity doesn’t mean it is right for you. There will be always be a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity.
    (a fact but not a reason, if it does not fit your 3 circles, there are many such opportunities)
  7. Find something which you are passionate about, and you are willing to endure the pain. (takes deliberate practice and effort)
  8. Articulate the values which you will not compromise.
    (our guiding constellation, starts not first with our strategies but with our values)
Source: Paul Sohn • September 11, 2012