Visions & Dreams

Renewing Minds & Empowering Lives

Welcome to Visions & Dreams!

Visions & Dreams is the brainchild of Jenaline Low, who having spent more than two decades of her life in the corporate world, decides to step out of her comfort zone to become a life and leadership coach. She has reached the peak of her career, holding executive management roles in organizations and yet she does not feel she has achieved her life purpose in a meaningful way.

In the book “Half Time” by Bob Buford, he talks about “Moving from Success to Significance” and it started Jenaline on a journey to seek out what is of significance to her. On her career journey as a leader, Jenaline noticed what talents her staff possessed and gave them opportunities to use these talents. Over time, she has derived a simple formula which she applies over and over again on individuals and has witnessed many success stories.

Our Mission

Empowering each individual to discover their inner resources for a PURPOSEFUL living, by knowing their PASSION, mastering their TALENTS and living a GENEROUS life.


Core Values

  • Authenticity
  • Focus
  • Diligence
  • Empathy


Vnd Philosophy diagramVisions & Dreams Philosophy

Visions & Dreams is the platform which Jenaline has set up to give access to individuals who want to apply her simple formula to become successful in achieving meaning and purpose in life. This formula comprises three components: Talents, Passion and Purpose.

Simplistically, when the three components are aligned, one would achieve purpose and meaning and unknowingly moves from success to significance in life. While the formula is simple, discovering each component in the formula and aligning them is key for success. The coach will support you in achieving this alignment on a discovery journey.

Our Team

Jenaline works in collaboration with a trusted network of specialized coaches, facilitators, and consultants who share her vision and goals.  Each program Jenaline designs is supported by a strong team from relevant partner organizations to ensure maximum outcome for the clients.

Partners of Visions & Dreams:

For the Self-Discovery retreat, Jenaline co-host with Terrance from Hong Kong.

Terrance Lueng is an executive coach and facilitator with leadership experience serving global high-tech Corporations such as IBM, Oracle and Check Point Software Technologies in the North Asia region. He is a seasoned executive knowing how international business can best operate in Asia. His acute sense of the market, business models and operation, financial acumen, knowledge and experience in contract discussion and negotiation benefit his clients with immediate business results and long-term personal improvements.